In our collection of candles you can find:

  • fragranced and non-fragranced candles, 
  • round and square candles, 
  • round and square tall table candles.

The most popular ones are the square candles, they produce an ornamental lace shade around the burning flame of the candle.


Candle fragrances and colors:


Vanilla (beige) - the ever so sweet smell of pure vanilla removes inhibitions making for very free conversation in a friendly environment. 

Lavender (violet) - this gordeous aroma is brilliant for relieving tension and helps greatly as an antidepressant bringing the body and mind back to their natural balance. 

Rosemary (white) - light, soft, fresh and semi-sweet aroma helps your concentration and stimulates the mind, perfect for the office environment. 

Cinnamon - Orange (orange) - a delicate light and sweet aroma helps to take away the feelings of fear and apprehension, stimulates your blood circulation giving a revitalizing effect. 

Lemon (yellow) - this delicate fresh perfume strengthens the immune system, helping your body when you are feeling low. 

Christmas tree (green) - brings back memories of skiing through an alpine forest and relaxing next to a glowing log fire enjoying a glass of warm gluehwein with good friends. 

Christmas Day (red) - the combination of all the great essences of Christmas time - tangerine, cinnamon, spices, pine and many more - fantastic for any festive occasinons, brings out the best in people. 


More about the meaning and impact of colors you can read here

Mazais kubs

Table candles

Size: 20 x 20 x 220 mm
Burning time: 10 h and longer

Size: 20 x 20 x 290 mm
Burning time: 14 h and longer

Mazais kubs

Small cube

Size: 55 x 55 x 60 mm
Burning time: 24 h and longer

Mazais kubs  

Large cube

Size: 75 x 75 x 90 mm
Burning time: 48 h and longer

Mazais cilindrs  

Small pillar

Size: 75 x 90 mm
Burning time: 48 h and longer

Lielais cilindrs  

Large pillar

Size: 75 x 140 mm
Burning time: 72 h and longer